Adventure Salons for Travel Pros

What is an Adventure Salon?

It’s an event in your office or venue of choice that gives you an opportunity to share information about Journeys International to your clients.

Why host an event?

Your clients may not be familiar with adventure travel or Journeys, and this is the perfect way to introduce them to a distinct style of deeper adventures that allow them to get off the beaten path in a safe, organized fashion.

What happens at an Adventure Salon?

You know your clients best, so we welcome your input in planning your Adventure Salon. To make it as easy for you as possible, we have a suggested agenda and presentation materials:

  • 30 minutes: Open with networking, appetizers and drinks, with a slideshow of photos running in the background
  • 15 minutes: Using the PowerPoint presentation we provide, explain the concept of adventure travel and how Journeys can help your clients explore the world
  • 10 minutes: Q&A
  • 5 minutes: Raffle
  • 30 minutes: Networking, appetizers and drinks
What does Journeys provide?

Journeys provides significant support for the event, including:

  • Email invitations to the event, a private page on the Journeys website with details of your event, and an RSVP form
  • $60 gift card to a nearby grocery so you can buy refreshments for the event
  • A suggested outline and presentation for your event
  • A YouTube video with photos that you can play during the event
  • Journeys catalogs
  • A gift for the raffle
What does the host provide?

As the event host, you provide:

  • The venue, typically at your office
  • A minimum of eight people attending who are interested in learning about adventure travel and Journeys International. We suggest inviting at least 20 people to ensure a successful event.
Who can host an event?

Travel agents who are familiar with Journeys—typically by working with staff on at least three bookings—may host an event.

Will a Journeys representative attend my event?

We would love to attend ALL Adventure Salons! But these events are focused on you and your clients, not Journeys staff, so we will only attend if invited and if you live within 100 miles of our offices, or if we are able to schedule your event around another conference that we are already attending.