Journeys International’s mission is to “design extraordinary, goal-driven adventures that foster discovery, spark human connection, and help people see the world and themselves through new eyes.” We encourage our clients to step outside their comfort zones, listen to new perspectives, and see the world in a holistic and interconnected way.

In the four-decade history of our company, we have mainly focused outside the borders of our own country. We have strived to connect with people from around the world, embracing the humanity within us among diverse populations. We have worked to support traditional communities whose ways of life have been threatened by globalization and industrialization. We have recognized the challenges facing indigenous populations in the countries our travelers explore. We have chosen to support locally owned businesses wherever possible. We have encouraged travelers’ reflections about where they see themselves in the global ecosystem.

Yet we have not done our part to lift up victimized communities who live much closer to home, in the United States. We have not asked big questions about the Black experience or built relationships with Indigenous communities here. We have not fortified the domestic interracial support network, or deepened dialogue about individuals’ places within it. Now, we believe that the time has come to expand the adventures that Journeys International creates – including domestic cultural experiences and race dialogue.

Here is our first foray into this space, an online conversation with African speakers about their perspectives on race in America:

We also commit to internalizing anti-racist practices in our operations. We will seek bids from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) business owners as vendors for our service needs. We will actively seek a racially and otherwise diverse applicant pool for every open job position moving forward. We will include BIPOC images in our marketing materials, and actively market to BIPOC consumers. We will educate our international partners about welcoming and inclusivity for BIPOC travelers. We are ready to learn and change, and we invite you to join us.

All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter. Let’s work together to make this world a safe place for us all.