If you visit the Brazilian Pantanal, you’re guaranteed to see wildlife. After all, the Pantanal is the largest continuous wetland on the planet, growing to be about half the size of France during the rainy season. With hundreds of looming black caimans, slithering yellow anacondas, plentiful capybaras, colorful hyacinth macaws, there is no shortage of life in this vast area.

But there is no guarantee to see the “elusive” jaguar, which is how they are often referred to. This week, however, Journeys travelers Marc and Peggy won the jaguar jackpot, spotting SEVEN individual jaguars! This includes two lone males, a courting pair, two cubs about a year and a half eating a caiman, and a lone female. Here are some pictures from their trip….

Talk about lucky!

Photo credit: Marc Faucher