Tayrona National Park


Day 1: Tayrona National Park

After breakfast, drive 4-5 hours to Tayrona National Park. Tayrona lies on the Caribbean coast near Santa Marta and has some of the most beautiful coastline. The area was established as a protected area 1864 and turned into a National Park in 1969. It has immense natural importance, and also cultural significance for the hunters and gatherers who long ago inhabited the park. The name Tayrona comes from their tribe. The tribes who live in the area today maintain many elements of those traditional ways. The park boasts fantastic wildlife including howler and titi monkeys as well as a wide variety of birds, lizards, and iguanas. Located in the park is Ecohabs Tayrona, your accommodation for the next few nights. (National Park fee paid on arrival, $20)

Day 2: Hiking Options

Choose which hiking option will be best for today and we'll plan accordingly:

The Nine Stones hike (Nueve Piedras): This hike takes you around the park, traveling among egg-like stones at waypoints along the route. It offers a good overview of the park and its ecosystem. (Easy, 1 hour)

El Puebilto: Follow a route named for the town you will walk to that hosts an archaeological site giving insight into how indigenous communities lived in previous times; this town is pre-hispanic and similar to the Lost City or Ciudad Perdida. (Moderate, 1-2 hours)

Arrecifes: A picturesque jungle hike from the entrance of the park. You will arrive at a small village called Arrecifes where the beach is stunning but, alas, not swimmable due to strong currents and waves. (Moderate, 1-2 hours)

La Pacina: About a 20-minute walk from Arrecifes is another small village where swimming is allowed. It is also known for being one of Tayrona's large coral reefs, which makes it for perfect snorkeling.

El Cabo: Another 20 minuntes from La Pacina is El Cabo. This is the most recogonizable beach in the park and has great swimming and snorkeling options as well. 


Day 3:

You can choose to depart today or contiue your stay by relaxing in your Ecohab or on the beaches.