Specialty Groups

Customized, exclusive trips for your organization

Over half of the trips we plan at Journeys are customized, private trips, and for good reason: we are experts at listening to your needs and developing an itinerary that suits your unique group. With decades of experience creating trips to meet the needs of the travelers, whether they are educational or spiritual, we can build the perfect adventure for your nonprofit, educational institution or church.


Why a Journeys specialty trip?

  • Customized itineraries designed specifically to meet your group’s goals, whether educational, spiritual, physical or historical
  • Exclusive departures that fit your availability and preferred travel dates
  • A private group coordinator who will work with you every step of the way and manage
    every detail of your trip
  • FREE trip for the group leader when there are 12+ people in your group
  • Flexibility in every aspect, whether it’s group size, destination, activities, meals, or lodging

University nursing students visit the Pushkesmas Village Clinic in Indonesia

Who should consider a specialty trip?

Journeys works with many different types of groups, including:

  • Nonprofits: We can help you deepen relationships with members and donors by offering trips designed especially around your mission, your programs, and your fundraising campaigns. 
  • Educational institutions: We offer customized trips for students or alumni of any age, whether led by a professor or teacher, a student club, an alumni association, or a study abroad program.
  • Churches, synagogues and spiritual centers: With personal contacts on the ground in all of our destinations, we can help your group get to the core of your reasons for travel, whether it’s mindfulness, religious exploration, or educational. 
  • Photography, travel or social clubs: Take your club on the road with a trip designed to help you get the best photographs possible, engage in travel in whatever way you prefer, or go the extra mile to earn your Scout badges.
  • White label: If you’re ready to brand your own adventure travel trips, we’re ready to help you make it happen. Let our expert staff do the work while you take the credit. 

What are some examples of Journeys specialty trips?


  • Spiritual Group visited Thailand: A group of women went on a pilgrimage led by a shaman, with
    meditation and self-healing exercises, plus plenty of opportunities to connect with, bathe, feed and
    care for elephants at an elephant hospital.
  • Nature Centers visited Tanzania, Borneo, and Baja of Mexico: Taking their love of nature
    internationally, these Nature Center members explored hidden corners of many worlds. 
  • High school group at the top of Namobuddha in Nepal

    High school explored Nepal: A group of 15 high school students and two teachers traveled
    through Nepal for a two-week trip designed to enhance their studies at home.

  • Explorer’s Clubs roamed China and Burma, Panama, Ethiopia and Bhutan: These explorers mean business, taking unique trips to learn about the forgotten cultures, flora and fauna of many fascinating destinations. 
  • Synagogue will discover heritage in Israel: A Reform rabbi will accompany curious congregants
    on a two-week exploration of ancient and modern, Jewish and non-Jewish sites in Israel to gain a
    deeper understanding of this country central to the Jewish experience.
  • University Nursing students visited Indonesia: Toured a hospital, orphanage, AIDS clinic and nursing school as part of their university classes.
  • High school toured Costa Rica: Enjoying a unique itinerary designed around their studies, these students got an in-depth taste of what Costa Rica has to offer.
  • Photography club explored Burma: With the goal of capturing unusual and authentic images of templates and people, members of this photography club made moments last a lifetime.
  • High school volunteered around the world: One school returned to Journeys many times, to put their volunteer energy to work globally, doing things like buying a boat for a family, painting a school, and donating children's books to schools in Kenya, Panama, Peru, Belize, Vietnam and Laos. 
  • Scout troops earned badges in Costa Rica and Tanzania: Scout badges don't come easy, and these troops took it to a new level but traveling far and wide to complete in-depth badge programs.

How can I learn more?

Tell us about your group by filling out this form, or call or email Florine at 800-255-8735.