Reflection is one of the eight core values that guide the work of Journeys International. We believe that the best way to learn from your experiences is to take time to process them, ponder them, distill the lessons learned, and articulate the questions that remain. Here are some questions that can inspire conversation with friends and family about the amazing things you have done and adventures you still want to pursue. Break out the list over a cup of coffee or a holiday meal to deepen your connection with your loved ones.

  1.   Where besides your house do you feel most at home, and why?
  2.   What experience in your life are you most grateful for?
  3.   When in your life did you learn the most in the shortest amount of time, and what did you learn?
  4.   What was the most challenging trip you’ve taken or place you’ve visited? Are you glad you went?
  5.   What is the hardest thing about travel?
  6.   What is the best thing about travel?
  7.   Should people travel more or less?
  8.   What qualifies as an “adventure” to you?
  9.   Where in the world most intrigues you?
  10.   Do you think of yourself as an explorer?
  11.   Does travel make people better?
  12.   What is your dream trip?

What questions have inspired your best conversations about adventure? Let us know!