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Jorhat City is the smallest city of Assam. Jorhat was established as a new capital in the closing years of the 18th century by the declining Tunkhungia Ahom Dynasty. Jorhat, as the name signifies, was just a couple (Jor) joint markets (Hat). Two parallel markets namely, Chowkihat and Macharhat, lay on the eastern and the western banks of the river Bhogdoi. Jorhat as “The last Capital of the Ahom Kingdom”, has several archeological sites including the Raja maidam — the last burial mounds of the Ahom kings. Jorhat today has grown into a thriving city with a strong sense of character and identity. It is the best laid out city in Upper Assam with broad roads, cutting each other at right angles. Recent development of Jorhat has seen the rise of several high cost apartments and flats with people flocking in from all parts of the state. People of Jorhat have traditionally displayed a high interest towards arts and culture. Jorhat is claimed to be “The Cultural Capital of Assam”. Jorhat, a rapidly developing city of Assam, also has the distinction of having the largest number of educated residents in Assam, among all other districts of Assam and is one of the major business hubs of the state. The noted oriental scholar Prof. Krishna Kanta Handique (1898–1982) was from Jorhat, and his life’s work was all done in this city. The Assam Agricultural University and the Regional Research Laboratory are located here. Nestled in the tea gardens dotted around sprawling in and around the city, is the Tocklai Research Association (TRA), the oldest and the largest tea research station of its kind in the world. The Indian Air Force has a station at Rowriah, on the outskirts of the city which also serves as the commercial air hub for the city. The Gymkhana Club in Jorhat is a historic institution dating back to the British raj and boasts of the third oldest golf course in the world. The ease of access of the major world heritage sites including World’s biggest river island “Majuli” and the Kaziranga National Park from this city makes it a major business and commercial hub of the country.

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