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The Outback¬†is the remote and arid interior and northern area of Australia, although the term colloquially can cover any lands outside of the main urban areas. The term outback is generally used to refer to locations that are comparatively more remote than those areas deemed “the bush.” The outback does not officially exist within any governmental frameworks or boundaries. The marginally fertile parts, mainly within the Lake Eyre Basin, are known as rangelands and are traditionally used for sheep and cattle farming. In addition to agriculture, tourism and mining are the main economic activities of this vast and very sparsely populated area. Less than 10% of the Australian population lives outside the major urban settlements on the coastal fringes, such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Despite this, the outback and the history of its exploration and settlement provides Australians with a mythical backdrop, and stories of swagmen, squatters, and outlaws, such as Ned Kelly, are central to the national ethos of the country.

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