The Republic of Cuba, commonly referred to as just "Cuba," is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. With high mountains, rolling hills, and lowland plains, Cuba stretches 750 miles from east to west, but is only 60 miles wide in most places. 

The mixture of native, African, and European influences in Cuba gives this island a lively culture that is known around the world. Cuba's history is reflected in its food, language, art, and, most of all, its music. And unlike most countries in Latin America, Cuba's favorite sport is not soccer, it's baseball, which came to Cuba from the US in the 1860s.

A visit to Cuba provides the opportunity for lovers of culture and history to explore a lesser-known destination that was off limits for many years. With Journeys, travelers not only have the opportunity to explore the cities and natural areas, but also to engage in many authentic encounters with locals arranged especially for our small groups. 

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