Reflection is one of the eight core values that guide the work of Journeys International. We believe that the best way to make the most of an incredible experience is to take some time to think about it afterward. Specifically, it’s helpful to contemplate new insights you may have gained from the experience and any questions that may remain for you afterward. Here are some questions that can guide your reflection. Find a quiet space for thought, grab a journal to process in writing, or talk these over with friends or family over a leisurely meal.

  1.   What happened?
  2.   What was the best part for you? Why?
  3.   How did you feel during the experience? Did anything make you uncomfortable?
  4.   What will stay with you about this experience?
  5.   How would you describe the experience to someone who wasn’t there? What details are important to include? What would you want to keep to yourself?
  6.   Is there anything that surprised you?
  7.   What do you understand now that you didn’t understand before?
  8.   Did you learn anything about yourself today?
  9.   How might this experience have been different for someone else besides you?
  10.   What additional questions does this provoke for you?
  11.   What concerns do you have after participating in this?
  12.   What are you inspired to do after this experience?

Do you have ideas for additional thought-provoking questions to reflect on an experience? Let us know!