Central Asia



Central Asia. It's an often-overlooked area of land tucked between India, Russia and China that includes five primary countries: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. It wasn't too long ago that this area was off-limits to visitors, but now, 20 years after gaining independence from (the then) USSR, it's a beacon to travelers who want to experience one of the world's last great frontiers. 

And with so few tourists daring to venture here, you'll have this ancient history- and culture-drenched land virtually to yourself.

Journeys International has designed two unique itineraries for your Central Asia exploration. On both, knowledgeable local guides facilitate your border crossings, handle the details of accommodations in guesthouses and superior hotels, and lead in-depth sightseeing throughout the trip. If you're thinking of going on an upcoming group trip, book soon! There are many complicated visa requirements for visiting the 'Stans, so we recommend at least four months to get all your paperwork squared away.