JOURNEYS co-founder and director, Joan Weber, invites you to join her on two upcoming trips to Costa Rica.

I travel to behold the spectacular, witness the profound, and connect across cultures. I travel to expand my understanding of the world and also of my own place in it. I travel for the experience of being fully, joyfully, awake. And so it is with enormous pleasure that I invite you to join me in March for Mindfully Engaging Costa Rica and/or Writing Our Way Into Costa Rica.

For me, travel, mindfulness and writing offer similar rewards. Each encourages me to take my overly busy self out of my own way, and to allow the universe and its wonders in. They encourage me to be present and to notice more. By combining travel with mindfulness or with writing, each practice is enhanced and the rewards multiply.

If you’re intrigued, please let me know.

E-mail me at: Or call me at 1-800-255-8735. Or stop in the office if you’re in Ann Arbor. I would love to talk with you.