Visit mysterious Mongolia, with its vast landscapes and its sparse population, and you’ll feel like you’ve landed at the ends of the earth. Here, see Mongolia in motion with this short video, Nomads of Mongolia.

Mongolia is unspoiled, making it the last frontier of Asia. It also has one of the last Nomadic cultures in the world. Outside the few major cities, it can be hard to tell if you’ve stepped into another century instead of another country.

Travel filmmaker Brandon Li spent a few weeks living with the nomadic Kazakh people. He turned his experience of training eagles to hunt, herding yaks, and racing camels into this beautiful video that puts Mongolia in motion.

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People don’t know a lot about Mongolia, which is the very reason they should venture there. Outside of its largest city, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia provides untouched and abundant natural scenery, making it a very special destination that takes travelers off the tourist path. If you ‘re interested in visiting Asia’s last frontier, let us know and we’ll tell you more about it.

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