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Located within the Yogyakarta province of Indonesia on the island of Java, the city of Yogyakarta is known as a center of classical Javanese fine art and culture, such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. Yogyakarta is known for its silverwork, its leather puppets used for shadow plays (wayang kulit), and a unique style of making batik-dyed fabric. Yogyakarta is also known for its traditional gamelan music, including the unique style Gamelan Yogyakarta, which developed in the courts. Yogyakarta is also famous as a center for Indonesian higher education. The city is the site of several major universities, including Indonesia Institute of the Arts – Yogyakarta and Gadjah Mada University, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Indonesia.

At Yogyakarta’s center is the kraton, or Sultan’s palace. Surrounding the kraton is a densely-populated residential neighborhood that occupies land that was formerly the Sultan’s sole domain; evidence of this former use remains in the form of old walls and the ruined “Water Castle” (Tamansari), built in 1758 as a pleasure garden. No longer used by the sultan, the garden had been largely abandoned, and was used for housing by palace employees and descendants. Reconstruction efforts began in 2004, and an effort to renew the neighborhood around the kraton has begun. The site is a developing tourist attraction. Other tourist attractions include Jalan Malioboro, with rows of sidewalk vendors and a nearby market and malls, and Jalan Solo, a shopping district more frequented by locals.

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