Complete Pantanal

Explore the planet's most extensive wetland. This unusual itinerary offers North and South Pantanal, featuring more wildlife than anywhere else in this hemisphere—hyacinth macaws, black caimans, yellow anacondas, capybaras, anteaters, perhaps the elusive jaguar & more.

From $4095 Per Person

10 Days


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Bird sits in tree in Brazil

Pantanal, Rio and Rainforest

A fantastic overview of Brazil's wild diversity and cultural heritage, focusing on the wildlife of the Pantanal, the highlights of Rio de Janeiro, and the spectacular island of Ihla Grande.

From $3695 Per Person

9 Days


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Jaguar sits on log in Brazil

Jaguar Jungles and Beyond

From the savannah grasslands to the Pantanal wetlands to the colorful city of Rio de Janeiro, this exploration of Brazil incorporates some of its finest natural beauty—including two full days in the Pantanal searching for jaguar!—plus time to experience the energy and buzz of the big city.

From $7795 Per Person

12 Days


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Travelers in canoe on Brazil trip

Wildlife Wonders of Brazil

The mysterious Amazon and diverse Pantanal come together in this wildlife-focused small ship-based trip. Explore everything the Amazon has to offer from your home base, the M/Y Tucano, where you’ll experience the exotic sights and sounds of this great wilderness. Once in the Pantanal, you’ll visit the Araras Eco Lodge, then later board a houseboat and see how many of the 80 mammals, 698 bird species, 260 fish species, and 50 kinds of reptiles that call this region home.

From $7750 Per Person

14 Days


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Easy walking, with opportunities for low-key physical activity.


Energetic exploration with optional day hikes, leisurely cycling, or light canoeing.


Day-long active excursions and options for demanding activity in varied environments.


Strenuous hiking or other intense activity that may be at high altitude or over rough terrain.


Multi-day trekking and other activities requiring endurance or strength. Steep trails. No technical expertise necessary.

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